Facebook : More Good Than Bad For Teens

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Facebook: More Good than Bad for Teens Teenagers have their social life at their fingertips. Facebook and Twitter are very popular among teens. One study shows that 85% of teenagers use social media and yet, another study reports that 96% of college students have a Facebook account (Its 's Just Drama). A big dilemma is whether this extended social connection is a positive or negative influence on today 's youth. Facebook has been a part of society since 2004. Some may argue that Facebook has contributed to cyberbullying and is a negative influence on society. More than 10 years ago, internet use was thought to cause negative psychosocial well-being, such as depression and loneliness. However, many studies have shown that Facebook is enhancing personal relationships. For example, one recent study found that Facebook can enhance “social self-esteem,” measured as perceptions of one 's physical appearance, close relationships, and romantic appeal, especially when users receive positive feedback from Facebook friends. Also, individuals with low self-esteem may see particularly positive benefits from social opportunities provided by Facebook. Facebook 's popularity among the younger generation is proving to be more of a positive influence than negative. Facebook is helping build relationships and raise self-esteem in the younger generation. Some will argue that Facebook is not a positive influence, but rather a negative part of our society. Drama is definitely something that teenagers deal with, sometimes on a daily basis. The question is does Facebook contribute to those social conflicts. 88% of teens said they had witnessed mean or cruel behavior on social media in the last year. However, only 19% of teens reported being bul... ... middle of paper ... ...th emotional problems and can be a basis to prevent negative psychological use of the website. (Optimistic Bias and Facebook Use) In conclusion, a majority of teenagers are most likely going to continue to access Facebook and other forms of social media. Society is having to adapt to these new ways of communicating and building relationships. Cyberbullying is a small part of social media, but it comes nowhere near the positive effects Facebook has had on young people. Facebook provides an outlet for this generation to express themselves positively, enhancing their good characteristics and celebrating their accomplishments with friends and family. It has became a typical way to communicate and actually has made building relationships easier. It 's the new normal for the younger population and therefore is seen as a positive and effective part of their social world.

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