Essay about Exploring the Relationship Between Doctors and Patients

Essay about Exploring the Relationship Between Doctors and Patients

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Going to the doctor seems so mundane yet necessary when we need a routine check-up or have an unknown sickness. As patients, we have never looked into how or why we visit the doctor but it is just something that we need to do when a problem arises. In the realm of medical visits, the doctor’s office holds great importance for the patient and doctors symbolizing a significant relationship between two people. In the video clip, “sore shoulder”, a woman visits the doctor for her concern of symptoms for a frozen shoulder, a problem she once had before which required surgery to heal it. The premise of her visit is to see if there are any possible preemptive treatments for a future frozen shoulder and surgery. In the visit, the doctor acts an enabler leading the patient’s visit through asking questions and doing the examination. This paper will examine the separate roles of the doctor and patient while highlighting their relevancies to the meeting in which how patient illustrates her problem to the doctor and his responses as well. Finally, I will further dissect the problem presentation both doctor and patient convey and how it formulates complications during the visit.
When an individual walks into the doctor’s office, he or she makes the transition into becoming a patient with a problem unknown to the doctor. The patient is often trouble by a “series of bodily discomforts” and seeks profession attention to aid his or her problem (Zola 677). This is known as an acute visit in which the patient displays new problems to the doctor (Raymond 10/26/10). Seen in the “Sore Shoulder” clip, the patient informs the doctor of her past problems with frozen shoulder, which becomes the grounds of the visit; the woman notices that her shoulder is...

... middle of paper ...

...ately ends.
The medical visit denotes a special relationship between the doctor and patient where they both have an important role in the office. An idealized two-way relationship shows that the doctor and patient bond and work together to ameliorate the patient’s health. As patients we respect our physicians and the power they hold in relation to our health. We approach doctors for advice and medical help and trust their words and guidance; yet, some doctors do reciprocate the same respect. Lastly referring to the “Sore Shoulder” clip as an example, the doctor interrupts neglects and is brief with the woman. Visits to the doctor’s office are mundane because we know what to expect as patients: we go to the office for medical advice and help and receive treatment for them. But when we examine these visits to the doctor, we notice that is far from a normal routine.

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