Doctor Patient Relationship Essay

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Dr/Patient Relationship
Physicians play many roles in society – ranging from family doctors to political activists. However, the primary objective of a healer and/or physician is to provide quality care that serves the patient’s best interests. As our life expectancy grows higher, physicians play an ever more important role in society for our public well-being. In this class, we have already read numerous articles that chronicle the challenges and controversies that are associated with this difficult job. Unfortunately, the readings have generally discouraged me from pursuing a career in the medical field.
The most notable discouragement for me to pursue a medical profession is the steady growth of distrust and suspicion within society
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Past physicians carried a certain authority over the treatment given to patients, however, due to medical progressivism, patients are given more rights to determine the treatments they can accept. Although these steps are certainly in the right direction, there has been a certain ethical dilemma as many doctors are forced to accept patient demands even when it is not the best course of action (Gawande 216). It is easy for us to affirm certain platitudes about patient interests being first in healthcare, but it is also important to investigate the specific nuances of patient care. In many situations, the patient truly is not well versed enough to make decisions about their care (227). While sometimes patients may truly be thankful for a physician’s intervention, any autonomous decision by physicians creates a dangerous precedent for doctor intervention in patient care. However that isn’t the only problem with taking care of patients. Having numerous patients means that physicians must constantly respect and understand many patients from varying backgrounds. Although this seems to be common sense, doctors often have trouble constantly chronicling and treating all of their patients effectively (Groopman 80). Although it is important for a doctor to respect each and every patient, I do not believe that I am capable of constant…show more content…
There seems to be a certain systemic disconnect between medical professionals and pharmaceuticals. This disconnect has decreased doctor autonomy as society has increasingly scrutinized doctor and pharma relations. This has made the implementation of new medical advances more difficult. Additionally, being a doctor also means to accept almost impossible expectations. Doctors are expected to never make mistakes for days at a time while also always putting the patient’s personal requests first. Furthermore, underneath all these challenges is more doubt and uncertainty due to the lack of scientific assurance towards patient treatment. I have no doubt that there are a few people out there who are able to meet all of these expectations, but I personally do not have the ability to shoulder all of these
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