Essay on Exercise And Sports Nutrition Program

Essay on Exercise And Sports Nutrition Program

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I have decided to further my education at Texas Woman 's University and focus my efforts for the acceptance of the Exercise and Sports Nutrition program. Ultimately, I would like to earn a Master’s degree in exercise and sports nutrition and with TWU’s mission to be the foremost program in the country in application of exercise and sports nutrition in clinical, wellness, and athletic settings, I will acquire strong research skills in advanced nutrition practices. TWU’s program will allow me to participate in; maximizing sports performance, minimize health issues in men, women, and children. An area I would like to explore and develop would be an exercise and nutrition consultant for competitive and noncompetitive people of all skill levels. The MS in Exercise and Sports Nutrition will open up possibilities to strive for a PhD.
As an undergraduate at Angelo State University, a passion for kinesiology and nutrition emerged. For the majority of my life I was obese. After my first year at ASU, I knew it was time for a change. I was fed up with being the obese guy. I sought out all the knowledge I could acquire about resistance training methodologies and sound nutrition practices through my degree plan. During my junior year at ASU, I was enrolled in a Sports Nutrition course with Dr. Adam Parker. The course immediately became my favorite course because I could apply the information for the betterment of myself. From my sports nutrition course, the three day food log resonates with me the most because I learned how to calculate my basal metabolic rate(bmr) and total daily energy expenditure(tdee). Understanding the calculation of basal metabolic rate and tdee, allowed me to compute how many calories I would need to accomplish my goal o...

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... more sustainable and optimal approaches for the community in exercise and sports nutrition. With the guidance from the following thesis mentors of the ESN program such as; Nancy DiMarco, Huanbiao Mo, and Kyle Biggerstaff will foster a great environment to maximize my opportunity on the reduction of obesity/childhood obesity pandemic. I would like to also acquire valuable experience in researching Sports Nutrition to contribute in the evolution of the performance, which mentor Nancy DiMarco would provide.
The Texas Woman’s University programs are reputable and I believe with my drive and guidance of the ESN program at TWU I can achieve my goals to enjoy my career, produce exceptional results in the field of sports nutrition and exercise, and eventually become the knowledgeable student of TWU that individuals will seek for guidance,solutions, and long term adherence.

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