Examining Evaluating The Relevancy And Currency, Identifying The Problem Statement

Examining Evaluating The Relevancy And Currency, Identifying The Problem Statement

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Peer pressure often happens in all age groups during the life cycle and with adolescents for some reason or another it happens more often than less. I would like to blame it all on the media because of its glamorizing appearance of lights, bells and lots of money. I’d like to blame it on parents who spend lots of time in the modern world out of the household not mandating or monitoring their adolescents whose minds are wondering and trying to figure out things for themselves left with no guidance. Internet gaming has become one way for adolescents to become more socially accepted by their peers and in North America the behavior of adolescents seems to be beyond recall at times. To name a few, adolescents are playing “internet poker tournaments, cards, dice, board games, sports betting, and games of personal skill” (Wilber, & Potenza, 2006). In this paper I will attempt to evaluate two articles and provide an overview assessing the relevancy and currency, identifying the problem statement, identifying relationship themes, identify differences in research findings and I will organize synthesis in an organized and local manner as well as provide key points with future research implications.
I’m not quite sure if science or psychology understands youth gaming and gambling as well as the affect it has on the life cycle of adolescents. If adults struggle with risky behaviors I can only imagine what it’s like in today’s world for adolescents. With this population I clearly believe it’s like any other learned behavior and is learned from the environment. Children mostly learn from watching those around them parents, older siblings, neighbors, teachers etc. (Gupta, Pinzon, & Adolescent Health Committee, 2012). However, childre...

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... addiction and anything that adolescents become excessive over, preoccupied, showing no consideration for others, isolating, and spending long periods of time alone without adults caring for them they are headed for trouble and can end up with and internet gaming addiction. As mentioned earlier being able to identify signs and symptoms of behavior change is vital. The way in which internet gaming addiction can impact individuals and families as it is emerging can be devastating. Environment is a huge portion of both pathological gaming and internet gaming addiction and if signs and symptoms are caught early and therapy is recommended and sought out our youth stand a chance of being saved from this industry that is growing towards capturing our youth. Further implication and studies are necessary to prove additional information about adolescent internet addiction.

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