Evolution Between Religion And Science

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As children, we are forced to learn the curriculum our teachers create in order to educate our minds and fill us with knowledge we can use for the future. Through time, we combine all of this knowledge and take different tests that will decide whether or not we can go to college and be _____ into higher education. However, when it comes to truly understanding the subject, students tend may not think critically enough of what they are learning. When I was young, I remember when I was taught _________. As I look back, I always had questions about the subject, but whenever I asked them, they never had an answer that satisfied me. I could never connect with the subject and fully understand the importance of it. This kind of gap between knowledge and understanding could be heavily related to the topic of evolution. For years, there has been controversy about evolution between religion and science. For example, the beliefs of Christianity are not consistent with the science behind evolution. This has led to the very careful and inconsistent teachings of evolution. Because education is base...
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