Evolution America 's Culture Over The Course Of A Hundred And Twenty Years

Evolution America 's Culture Over The Course Of A Hundred And Twenty Years

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The evolution America’s culture over the course of a hundred and twenty years has affected the younger generations in different ways. The Millennial generation is the individuals born after 1980 and the most fussed about of all generations. They possess different belief system and are definitely criticized for it. The younger generations have become independent thinkers. They are self-confident and satisfied with their own strengths and abilities. These independent thinker have stopped relying on traditional beliefs. Behaviors of religious tradition, for example, are lifestyle concepts learnt from participation. Young people have stopped participating in such traditions. Traditional beliefs, however, is still evident and its influence has helped to shape the dominant cultural beliefs. In the ensuing arguments one will realize that there is an actual departure from religious belief systems. These changes impact what, younger generations believe, what these youngsters do, what they think and what they feel. The younger generation is making decisions that do not make sense to the older generations which has created generation gaps. They achieve status, in more ways than one – mostly through education, wealth creation, which encourage materialism and narcissism. In the words of the preacher these aspirations are “vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1 v 2).
Younger generations are becoming increasingly secular. They are straying from more religious or spiritual beliefs and practices, and occupy their time with activities which may be profane. According to the Pew report on social trends Millennial in particular are less likely to be affiliated with any religious and less like to ...

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...e the heroes of the future. Most certainly, this is the way they will save the future. In an article from the Washington Post by Amy Joyce a writer on parenting has reported the finding of Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd. Weissbourd suggests and explained five ways parents can raise their children to be more caring. His suggestions include make caring a child’s priority, parent should provide opportunities for the children to practice caring and gratitude, and parent should expand their children arena of concern beyond the realms of family and friends. Parents should also guide children in managing destructive behavior. Without a doubt the future can be saved, if correct values are formed and every American parent would put the suggestion of Weissbourd into practice. They would be enabling their children’s best qualities and the future would be in safe hands.

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