Narcissism In Today's Society

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Another essential point for today’s youth is more self-centred than earlier generations is because of narcissism. The core of the narcissistic personality disorder is the pursuit of social identity, the attention of others and the admiration of others. People with narcissistic personality disorders have a high expectation of life, such as wanting to be out of place, making a big fortune, and having power. However, many of these people always live in the eagerness of great success and fail in reality because of their limited capabilities. Of course, they may never think of themselves as wrong. It is the cause of others or the environment that they are wrong or failed, and they have no mistakes and is not responsible for themselves. Due to the…show more content…
We are human. In today's social media is the must. If one is not active on social media than we are not updated with various facts and current affairs. The reason why we are more self-centred is that in earlier times there were no such sites and now there are hundreds an thousands of them. We cannot blame generations. People's personalities are not dictated by the generation in which they grew up in. Every generation has people that are self centered and that's dependent on genes, unbringing, and the crowd they surround themselves with. This trait is completely independent of generational upbringing. That's why generations are not more self centered than others. I believe that the pertinent differences that exist between the youths today and the previous generations can be accounted for by the widespread self-esteem movement in the 1980s. The main objective of this movement was to build self-confidence of young people, increase their productivity, and enhance their motivation. This movement caught up with young people, giving them self-belief that they can achieve anything they want if they focus on it. However, as people become more self-confident, they usually tend to become overconfident, egocentric, selfish, and narcissistic. This is what has accounted, in my opinion, to the differences between the youths of today and those of the previous generations in terms of their
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