Evaluation Of The Online Education Program Essay

Evaluation Of The Online Education Program Essay

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Our expertise in general consulting skills in addition to change and organization development, enhance our comprehensive analysis of the online education program’s weaknesses and strengths in addition to validating our decisions concerning which changes are both appropriate and achievable. The Action Research Model would be used in the initial analysis, while Kotter’s 8 Steps Process for Leading Change would be employed in creating a foundation for B2C. The Action Research Model depends heavily upon continuous profound analysis of the change process during the systematic collection of data, analysis and evaluation sessions where feedback is relayed and an exploration of the resulting action occurs. Whereas Kotter’s step-by-step and user friendly approach guides the organization through change in a manageable manner utilizing sustainable methods that will enhance the B2C foundations with building block for success. (Cummings & Worley, 2015, pp. 23-26, 593-601) (Kotter International, 2015)
Our fee of $67,000 covers a full diagnosis carried out by a three member consulting team for a period of 4-5 months depending upon project delays. The team would apply project and risk management skills in order to reduce obstacles and increase accountability and willingness within the organization. Sole data analysis results in a fee of $22,000, while various feedback sessions and initial planning for change results in a fee of $16,000, and lastly seeing the organization through the change implementation results in a fee of $29,000. This fee would include normal business expenses, materials, etc., which will be defined within the contract. All other materials and expenses will be reimbursed by the organization. Once the contract has b...

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...gnize the time restrictions for employees and the strain that will be placed upon their schedules due to both the initial analysis stage and change process. And will use our expertise with contingencies related to change situations that depend upon cultural context and readiness for change and the target of change found in organization issues. We also recognize the effects of general resistance and our capabilities in term of addressing both power and political issues among employees. We will employ milestones to continuously sustain and satisfy the larger main goal agreed upon in our contract by celebrating milestones. This would increase motivation to reach the end goal and would reduce resistance. In addition, employees would feel as if their actions are leading towards the greater goal in an impactful manner. (Weiss, 2000) (Cummings & Worley, 2015, pp. 593-601)

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