Evaluation Of The Negotiation Exercise Essay

Evaluation Of The Negotiation Exercise Essay

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The following reflective report will discuss my performance in the negotiation exercise that was conducted on the 15th of September. It will include a brief summary of the process and outcome, an analysis of my presentation and will finish with a conclusion. The analysis section will be broken up into the four stages of negotiation; the relational stage, the exploring stage, the generating of options and the reaching of a solution. Strengths, weaknesses, ethical issues and negotiation techniques will all be identified throughout the analysis. I will also refer to my preparation plan, feedback sheets and other relevant source material.
Brief Summary
During the negotiation I acted for my client who was named Cara, my opposing negotiator was acting on behalf of ‘The Supermarket,’ My Client was falsely accused of shoplifting at the supermarket and was subsequently illegally detained and collapsed from heavy breathing. Cara sought monetary compensation for her embarrassing experience, possible damages for false imprisonment and reparation for any other associated costs. A compromise was reached in which Cara received compensation but legal documents had to be signed.

The final agreement reached is listed below:

$5000 in compensation for the degrading experience.
$500 for related medical expenses.
A private written apology from The Supermarket
The possible signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
The possible signing of a Settlement Agreement.

Analysis of Negotiation Process

Relational Stage
The relational stage definitely set the tone for the rest of the negotiation and acted as an excellent way of generating discussion on the issues at hand. I effectively managed to set forth concrete ideas to talk about and I establ...

... middle of paper ...

...oach. As stated before, further research should be conducted on future occasions to ensure that any outcome acquired is adequate.


The negotiation process was one which was informing, challenging, confronting and exciting. I had great success in establishing the key issues and obtaining a good outcome for my client. I switched between positional and interest-based bargaining depending on what I believed would helped most and always sought to progress forward throughout the negotiation. My opponent composed herself with dignity and was extremely professional in her interactions. This activity has taught me that prior research on compensation amounts is necessary to formulating an ample agreement. I should adhere to all ethical guidelines issues of professionalism be taken seriously. I look forward to integrating these newly found skills into the future.

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