An Analysis Of Biopharm-Seltek Negotiation

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Negotiation, as we’ve learned, is the process of communicating where parties can discuss problems and/or targets and attempt to solve them via dialogue in order to reach a resolution. While many individuals feel successful negotiations are due to a natural skill, the truth behind reaching a prime agreement is preparation. You need to know the issue, know yourself, and know your party. This type of preparation also includes knowing your needs and limits, understanding what the other party wants and anticipating their limits, asking the right questions, and being creative in your counteroffers.
Good preparation allows you to strategize with the ability to think quickly in the negotiation room. There are several different formats and styles of negotiations. The use of a certain style depends on elements such as the strength of the relationship, the urgency of the situation, the intricacy of the issues, and the content of the negotiation. Each format and style has its own strengths and weaknesses and can be strategically used in various types of situations. As mentioned, the preparation of a successful negation is necessary, especially concerning your BATNA. We have been able to explore such preparation and methods by participating and conducting negotiations with our peers. The following negotiation studies proved to have their own dynamic, thus accounting for a different preparation and negotiation tactic for each.
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The BioPharm-Seltek case is designed to show how a negotiation is setup and understand the basic principles. In this context, the case is orientated so that a positive zone of possible agreements exists. This means that both parties have reservation prices that fall within each other. A reservation price is the absolute lowest/highest a party would sell/buy
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