Evaluation Of A Special Instruction Plan Essay

Evaluation Of A Special Instruction Plan Essay

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The IEP team comes up with a special instruction plan that students with particular disabilities can receive. This plan is designed to help these students achieve to the best of their ability (Gibb & Dyches, 2007). There are five provisions that are available for students with disabilities to receive. These are free public education, evaluation of the student’s achievements, an individualized education program, appropriate learning environment, and safeguards to help the student along the way (Gibb & Dyches, 2007). A parent or a teacher must begin the process of referring the student to the special education process. If the disability was noticed when the child was born or growing up, before they entered the educational process, the parent makes the referral. If the disability is noticed as the student progress through grade levels, teachers make the referral (Gibb & Dyches, 2007). The IEP sets the pace of how the student educational needs will be met throughout the year. Their special education program will be defined in this plan (Gibb & Dyches, 2007).

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When the IEP is created, the present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP) are recorded by a detailed summary of the student’s present achievements. This statement needs to described the set backs the student faces in education due to his disability (Gibb & Dyches, 2007). Not only does this statement include educational achievement, it also includes behavioral achievement. Along with educational needs, a student might also have behavioral needs. It is important to get these students set up for success by addressing all of these areas of concern (Gibb & Dyches, 2007). It is important to know this particular students limit...

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...tional process that helps the student prepare for this transition. Usual plans start when a student turns 16, however some plans may start before this age depending on the disability the student has (Gibb & Dyches, 2007). The transition plan needs to have measurable post-school goals for the student to be able to meet. These should relate to education, training, employment, and independent living. Students will be assisted in obtaining their transition goals if needed (Gibb & Dyches, 2007). The IEP team must update the plan annually to help the student succeed in the educational process and in life after school. Academic achievement and functional performance of the students must be summarized for those students that no longer need assistance or who graduate school. Transition plans are to help those students succeed beyond the school setting (Gibb & Dyches, 2007).

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