Evaluation Of A Single System Design Essay

Evaluation Of A Single System Design Essay

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Single system designs are a way for social workers to evaluate their programs and practices. This type of research consists of repeatedly testing for a dependent variable before, during, and after an intervention has been implemented. It can be used with either micro or macro systems, and can provide both quantitative and qualitative results (Royse, Thyer & Patgett, 2010).
The intervention used can be a simple design, which shows whether or not a change happened, or something more complex, which shows if the program or practice being studied was the cause of the change. The samples used in single system designs are typically not randomly selected, so it is difficult to broadly generalize any results that the data provides. This research is best used only with the program or practice that it was set up to evaluate (Royse et al., 2010).
To create a single system design, a researcher or practitioner must decide what dependent variable they want to measure. This variable needs to be one that can be tracked on multiple occasions over a period of time. Once they have determined the variable, they choose an intervention strategy and assess its effect on the dependent variable over the course of the intervention’s application. The researcher or practitioner then uses a line graph to show the results that were shown by the intervention. The graph is used to make inferences about the change that resulted from the intervention and can also inform additional areas where more research is needed (Royse et al., 2010).
This paper will detail an intervention that uses behavioral modification techniques to modify and increase an individual’s healthy eating behaviors.
Statement of the Problem
This single system research design follows Ashle...

... middle of paper ...

...etency is an important factor when discussing an individual’s dietary behaviors, because many cultures have different beliefs pertaining to food. Orji and Mandryk discussed the differences in interventions based on the type of society that the individual is living in (2013), but additional research is needed to determine the best set of techniques for cultural groups within those societies.
Based on the literature, I hypothesize that Ashley will develop more healthy eating habits due to the use of behavior modification techniques. The planned intervention uses the techniques of self-monitoring, positive reinforcement, and goal setting, much like the research mentioned, and it clearly defines what is meant by healthy eating. The intervention is also culturally competent and takes into account Ashley’s cultural values, resources available, and special dietary needs.

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