Evaluation And Measurement Of The Service Essay example

Evaluation And Measurement Of The Service Essay example

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Now that our direction has been set and our budget laid out, our progress and fulfillment of service will need to be evaluated. Our effectiveness to our stakeholder will require regular scrutiny. Evaluation and measurement will be the methodology used to track the effectiveness of the service we provide and will also serve as a measure of accountability to stakeholders such as our clients, funders and political officials with whom we have created partnerships. The primary methods of data collection and service tracking will be done in three tiers; through the intake process via questionnaire, near the end of provided service using a service evaluation survey and by means of an organization performance survey that is submitted by the client, through our web site, on two occasions after their exit from the program. The data collected during intake will utilize a 3-page questionnaire and will include social data such as name, gender, race, ethnicity, family size and household income. It will also identify the needed area of service to be provided and question the relevant obstacles that the applicant is experiencing, using questions like; have you worked prior to seeking education or vocational services, did you satisfy the requirements of the job you were interested in, did you prepare or research information to help in getting an interview, or have you been denied employment because you lacked education or experience? This questionnaire will also be used for service eligibility criteria to determine if applicant income falls within federal poverty level (FPL) guidelines. Criteria will be gaged using New York State requirements for adults between the ages of 19 thru 64, which is set at 138 percent of FPL. The service evaluation surv...

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...structuring. Our outcomes, of course will include the metric data collected on client intake and will be compared with service to client completion as well as metric data results of comparable local organizations.
We can measure, analyze and scrutinize the clients we serve and the service we provide but how do we know we are accomplishing our mission? With our exit surveys we can compare the percentage of clients who have gained employment opportunities with quarterly economic data from the census bureau. We should also be able to determine if our community members are impacting the local Department of Labor statistics, if we are impacting our community this will most likely be the place to get hard data. Further, within two quarterly audits we will be able to compare our organization’s performance result not only of our previous performance but also our competitors.

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