Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Viral Control And Prevention Through Wastewater Treatment From Reservoirs And Human Waste

Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Viral Control And Prevention Through Wastewater Treatment From Reservoirs And Human Waste

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Assessing the effectiveness of viral control and prevention through wastewater treatment from reservoirs and human waste.
Viruses are produced from infected individuals are excreted into the waste water system, leading to spread in wastewater. (Hewit et al. 2011) Viruses are responsible for the majority of known drinking water outbreaks. (Blackburn et al. 2004; Liang et al. 2006; Yoder et al. 2008). Good treatment for wastewater needs to be done in order to prevent the spread of these viruses in order to minimize risks of epidemics. (Hewit et al. 2007) Furthermore, the risk to human health also depends on the virus being spread. This is because different viruses displays varying resistance to water treatment. Thus, leading to the concentrations of viruses to vary in drinking water, recreational water and other sources. (Silva et al. 2007; Nordgren et al. 2009) The aim of this essay is to assess the effectiveness of viral prevention methods for?water The objectives are to?work?out the effectiveness of viral prevention methods deployed?during storage in reservoirs, treatment and post treatment.?The final objective is to assess the future perspectives in the prevention of the spread of viral diseases of the water treatment system.
Methods of prevention pre treatment (Tourist water and stuff how can that be prevented?) (400 words)
A cause of concern in the management of pathogens is the control and regulation of water sources such as lakes and other reservoirs. The concern is focused on the risks associated with its recreational purposes and risks associated with waste water and spread of zoonotic diseases. (Nicholas et al. 2014;Yamamoto et al. 2010.). For example, there has being avian flu outbreaks that where asso...

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...tal Contamination Toxicology 192, 117?158.
Silva A.K, Saux J.C, Parnaudeau S, Pommerpuy M, Eimelech M, Guydar F.S (2007) Evaluation of removal of noroviruses during wastewater treatment, using real-time reverse transcription-PCR: Different behaviours of genogroups I and II. Applied and environmental microbiology 73:24 7891-7897
Yoder J., Roberts V, Craun G. F, Hill, V, Hicks L, Alexander N. T, Radke V, Calderon R. L, Hlavsa M.C, Beach M.J, Roy S. L. (2008) Surveillance for waterborne disease and outbreaks associated with drinking water and water not intended for drinking -United States, 2005?2006.MMWR Surveillance ,57:09 39?62.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (1989) National Primary Drinking Water Regulations; Filtration, Disinfection; Turbidity, Giardia lamblia, Viruses, Legionella, and Heterotrophic Bacteria; Final Rule. Federal Register, 54:124:27486, 1989

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