Evaluating Teacher Of A Rigorous Rating System Essay

Evaluating Teacher Of A Rigorous Rating System Essay

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Evaluating teacher of a rigorous rating system has been debate amongst education for a while. Many teachers across the country agree they want to sustain a comprehensive assessment process because they believe a well-designed process can help them improve in their jobs and will ultimately benefit students (Hart, 2010). By developing comprehensive evaluation systems, it will help school systems to get fair and apply consistently to educators, and take into account the realities of the profession. Moreover, if an education system employs a comprehensive evaluation system, the school will no longer solely base their teacher performance on test scores alone since recent research has suggested test scores alone were not a reliable indicator to determine a teacher effectiveness. Stanford University and New York University (2010), conduct on the problem with the use of student exam scores to evaluate teachers. The research established that there was "practically zero proof" that assessing teachers utilizing test scores would enhance the nature of educators in classrooms or motivate teacher (Baker, Barton, Darling-Hammond, Haertel, Ladd., Linn, Ravitch, Rothstein, Shavelson, & Shepard, 2010). This research also suggests school systems use, comprehensive evaluation methods to help schools in making a sound decision about hiring, retention, merit pay, awards, or promotions, or to obtain feedback about their educators and can also assist them to work toward them improving their instructional methods.

If several states, follow suit and developed a comprehensive evaluation system like the Colorado. In 2011, the Colorado Senate passed a bill 10-91 changing the way educators assessment are conducted in public education. This law states ...

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...xible guidelines and recommendation that can be used to evaluate teaching for summative purposes (Evaluation of Teaching, n.d.).   When an educational organization has evaluation based on a systematic set of guidelines based off of summative methods, it provides an organization with flexibility and the evaluation of educational activity to be done in a variety of ways. This also allowed evaluators to collect practical experience in the classroom and extensive research in the learning sciences — “Does the teacher help and encourage students to learn something worth learning in a way that makes a sustained, substantial and positive difference in the way they think, act, or feels, without doing the students any harm?" (Evaluation of Teaching, n.d.). Nevertheless, a well designed process can only help educators improve at their task and will ultimately benefit students.

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