Euthanasia: The James Rachel and Sullivan´s Arguments Essay

Euthanasia: The James Rachel and Sullivan´s Arguments Essay

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In Sullivan versus Rachel’s on euthanasia I will show that James Rachel’s argument is logically stronger than Sullivan’s argument. I will present examples given by both authors regarding their arguments and also on their conclusions about it. I will explain both of the author’s logical strengths and weaknesses in their arguments. I will give the examples given by both authors on how they prove their arguments to be true and later I will decide whose argument is stronger based on their strengths and weaknesses. I will give one of Rachel’s main strong arguments and one of Sullivan’s very weak arguments. I will also show if both of the author’s premises follow from the conclusion. And at the end I will give my opinion on my personal reasons on whose I think makes more sense in presenting their arguments.
In Sullivan’s argument he shows that active euthanasia is wrong for many reasons. I will tell you his most important reasons he uses to prove his conclusion. Sullivan’s conclusion to his argument on active euthanasia is saying that active euthanasia is not permitted, that it’s wrong. He defends the American medical association because it says that active euthanasia is the killing of a human life, with lethal injection, which the AMA does not approve of because it’s wrong according to them. Moving forward, the reasons why he says that is because he says that moral intention is more important than the action basically he’s saying that intention is more likely to determine whether an act is correct or wrong. For instance like euthanasia according to him it isn’t wrong to let the patient die because your intentions aren’t bad, your intentions aren’t to kill the patient. With active euthanasia your actually doing something according to ...

... middle of paper ...’s argument. I have shown that intention has nothing to do with how active euthanasia is being performed and I have shown that James Rachel’s has great examples on explaining that there is no difference in passive euthanasia or active euthanasia. Thirdly I have shown that James Rachel’s premises follow from his conclusions not just from the conclusion itself. Also I have given one of his main weaknesses in his argument. Moving forward to Sullivan I have explained how his reasons make no sense according to James Rachel’s. I have also shown Sullivan’s main weaknesses and one of his strong points against Rachel’s. I also gave some of Rachel’s weaknesses but after all I think that I have proven that Rachel’s argument is stronger than Thomas Sullivan for many reasons. Lastly, I have given my own ideas and theories of which argument I think is better.

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