Europe’s Domination of Indian Ocean Arena: Costal Port Control and Alliance

Europe’s Domination of Indian Ocean Arena: Costal Port Control and Alliance

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The Indian Ocean arena arguable is one of the largest trading networks that had existed in pre-modern history. The changes that occurred in the region from fifteen hundred to eighteen hundred are ones that considerable shaped and changed how the world. With previously connected trade routes connecting large portions of this area through land it was only a matter of time before the sea would lead to the expansion of trade throughout the Indian Ocean arena. With Europeans wanting spices and textiles, the effectiveness to bring these goods back to Europe was going to have to change. Europeans needed a way to control the Indian Ocean and the port cities that were located on the sea. As this paper will reveal, control of costal colonies and the network of allies that Europeans will create are two important factors that lead to European control of the Indian Ocean arena.
When European’s started their expeditions into the Indian Ocean, they already understood the significance of cities that are located on a body of water. This understanding was one of both transportation and of naval warfare. British trading in India was to bring both goods back to Britain but to also “develop new markets for Indian goods in Africa, and in the America’s.” (HISTORIC DYNAMICS) Britain’s expansion into new markets allowed them to grow their trade routes in the Indian Ocean. With a large variety of trade routes and trading partners Britain was able to trade with whomever they wanted. If there was a group that would was not happy with European countries then Britain was able to easily find another trading partner, a short distance away. This expansion into new markets also allowed Britain to gain more allies. This was important because at times Britain’s arm...

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