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On August 19, 1934, the funeral of democracy--which signified freedom, liberty, and equality--took place in Germany. The passing of the system was not a difficult experience but in fact expected. And, intimate friends gathered to bid farewell to democracy by casting votes. Ironically and unfortunately, the cause of the death was democracy itself, an election was held to dismantle the system. However, how could people silenced their own voice in how their country should be governed? With a disgraceful defeat in 1919, Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles thus ending World War I but also igniting hatred, vulnerability and a dictator. With the litany of restrictions and reminders of their downfall, Germans became outraged at their government. In addition to the loss, the Weimer Republic, the government system postwar, could not control an inflation wiping out the people’s life savings and respect. Germans started to distrust their government system; the citizens thus saw a resolution named Adolf Hitler. Hitler comforted the citizens and promoted ways to improve Germany. Yet Hitler became in power because of fear, violence and trickery. It was from then on that democracy crumbled and dictatorship elevated. The only controversy is who or what is responsible for the death of democracy and the rise of a totalitarian regime. Many may blame the citizens for in fact voting to lose their right, or Hitler himself for using devious strategies, punishing people, and being too persuasive. However, the true people who deserve the responsibility for the death of democracy and the rise of dictatorship in Germany is the parliament because they failed to do their duty. They didn’t help Germany develop, they didn’t use their power and they made horr...

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... alive. The parliament is responsible for the death of democracy and the rise of a dictatorship in Germany. They did not fulfill their duty thus making them lose the support of the people, which later transferred to Hitler. The parliament was then subjected to please Hitler by putting him in power and with the fear he installed in the members there was nothing holding him back to become ultimate ruler of Germany or better known as the Furheer. The parliament should have done their job properly postwar and perhaps democracy could have been saved. Yet, perhaps, the entire experience that Germany endured with its government system suggests that democracy is only a dream. Democracy can ever be obtained due to corruption, manipulation and failure to do what is right. Perhaps democracy is truly about the majority deciding on what the majority does not know what to control.

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