Essay on Ethics : The Fundamental Aspects Of Life

Essay on Ethics : The Fundamental Aspects Of Life

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Ethics is one of the six branches of philosophy that utilise reason and logic to analyse how humans comprehend the fundamental aspects of life. Etymologically, ethics is derived from the Greek word ‘ethos’, meaning customary conduct and is the study of how individuals determine situations to be of ‘right or wrong’ nature (Mastin 2008 and Sulaiman 2000.) In a contemporary context, ethics is a social study – making the evaluation of its significance an ambitious task. Ethical principles are not black or white and account for a myriad of factors including approaches of character or action based theory and the doctrines of philosophers and ethicists. To adequately understand ethics, the relationship between the individual, society, and religion must be explored as all three components contribute to its inherent identity.

The individual is a crucial factor in society as they contribute to and also create social constructs. Accounting this, ethics is a way of life, individuals are influenced by aspects socialisation and the values of religion, politics, social, and aesthetic faculties (Professional Ethics and Regulation 2013.) However, before one contributes to society, they must endeavour to establish a lifestyle based on personal ethical beliefs. To attain this, “a process of socialisation” must occur which will “contribute to the maintenance of certain social structures” (Devenney 2004.) Accredited from ethics, all influences assume into a central lifestyle that is implemented by an individual. This basis of core morals allows people to derive how to live virtuously and since early ethical theory, ethics has been applied to augment how individuals accomplish this. Moral reasoning [the process of decision making, not the decision it...

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... the population believe (Matei 2012.) Reflected through laws and the societal values that originate from early ethical theory, perceptions that influence and affect the behaviours of individuals are the foundations of society (Chmielewski 2004)

The study of how individuals determine situations to be of right or wrong nature is one of complex, but valuable nature. Ethics is not singular and it equates many factors into its knowledge. As individuals, ethics is a pathway for a wholesome life and its innate presence within religion allows for faith to be used conjunctly with ethical behaviour to strive for the good of all. Ethics also provides an option for society to reform its governing aspects by influencing the values that are believed by many. The inherent identity of ethics is not necessarily defined, but it is an objective pursuit for the good of all humanity.

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