Essay on The Ethics Of The Clorox Company

Essay on The Ethics Of The Clorox Company

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Many companies are increasingly attempting to show their environmental activism, by aligning themselves with good causes, and making their products more eco-friendly. The Clorox Company, known for its not so eco-friendly products, such as bleach, pine-sol, and formula 409. With more and more companies being criticized for their not environmental friendly products, the Clorox Company, decided to launch a line of eco-friendly products called Greenworks. The product contains 95 percent natural plant and mineral biodegradable cleaning ingredients. The packaging is recyclable, and products are not tested on animals (Moriarty, Mitchell, Wells). Since launching the Greenworks product sales soared then fell. The company received a variety of criticism, some say it isn’t green, but green washing. Others say “green isn’t something the company is because it develops a new product line, but changing the organizational culture of the company is” (Moriarty, Mitchell, Wells).
In this case I believe the Clorox Company “Greenworks” product line was not a believable attempt to improve the environment, but was more an attempt to set them apart from other household products, to increase their revenue. I believe if the Clorox Company was attempting to improve the environment they wouldn’t still sell other products that are highly toxic and not eco-friendly. This sends a message to consumers that are often the opposite of those intended. The Clorox Company launched Greenworks not because the important effects it would have on the environment and the health of people, but because the demand by people for more eco-friendly products were high. I feel this is why the sales behind Greenworks increased, because consumers wanted more eco-friendly products ...

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...reen products. Lastly, I would recommend the Clorox Company not use words such as “green” in the name or marketing to keep the focus on what consumers interests, which is what made your brand successful essentially.
To conclude, I don’t believe green marketing is an enduring movement because so many companies are going green it’s just becoming the norm. I believe it’s not an enduring movement because the mainstream environmental movement is in rapid decline in terms of cultural relevance. Another reason why I think green marketing is not an enduring movement is because consumers feel their individual action of buying green products doesn’t really have any meaningful impact on the environment. I also feel some consumers don’t really care about eco-friendly products so using words such as “green” and “eco-friendly” trying to reach a mass market turns some people away.

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