Ethics And Ethics Of Ethical Systems Essay

Ethics And Ethics Of Ethical Systems Essay

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My Ethical Systems
All through my life, I have found and developed my own personal ethical system. Religious ethics and ethics of care are my most commonly used ethical systems in my life. These systems have both contributed to the making of my personal decisions, which led me to the person I am today. I combined both ethical systems as I matured; however I still rely on religious ethics as my basic foundation. I have used Ethics of Care from my previous job and will continue to use this system in my future career.
Religious Ethics
Religious ethics firmly articulate what is good and evil and state that God’s will is the way (Pollock, 2015). There are various religions that people practice around the world. Christianity is a religion that is commonly practiced today (Personal communication, E. Amero & K. Demas, Oct. 19, 2016). People who utilize religious ethics abide by the law that their God has made (Personal communication, E. Amero & K. Demas, Oct. 19, 2016). I use Religious ethics to help me make personal decisions in my life.
Application of Religious Ethics
I was brought up in a Christian household. My grandfather is a preacher and he has introduced Christianity to me because he believed my soul needed to be saved through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as a personal saviour. According to Christian beliefs, God gave us free will. My grandfather did not force this belief upon me; however, as I grew older I made the decision to convert to Christianity. My faith has influenced me to serve others, practice integrity and gain a positive outlook in life.
In Christianity, “the authority of God’s will is beyond question, and there is no need for further examination because of his perfection” (Pollock, 2015, p.30). Part of a ...

... middle of paper ...

...lationships in a professional manner and avoid coercion.
Religious ethics and ethics of care have both impacted my life in various ways. I am the person I am today because of my faith. I utilized religious ethics by abiding to the law that God has made (Personal communication, E. Amero & K. Demas, Oct. 19, 2016). Through my religious ethics I have served others, practiced integrity and gained a positive outlook in life. I will utilize ethics of care in my future career in the social service industry. Showing respect, patience, and non-judgment attitude is how I used ethics of care in my workplace. Making a healthy relationship with clients to achieve goals is a practice of ethics of care. Integrating these two system has made me the person I am today; therefore, I will continue to use them.

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