The Ethical Responsibility Of An Engineer

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Engineers have an ethical responsibility to do their service to protect the public. An engineer needs to poses certain virtues and be of good character in order do what is best not for him/her but for the public, which he/she is serving. Virtue ethics allows for the judgment of an engineer’s professionalism and character. For this reason these virtues are necessary in engineers. An engineer needs to be honest, needs to be accountable, and have a positive attitude. Virtues can be described as tendencies in a person that can desirable by others. Virtues are features that allow discretion and judgment for inner motivation and commitment of the practicing engineer. Aristotle, who was the first to use the word ethics to describe a specific field of study, declared that a virtuous person is someone who has ideal character traits. Aristotle believed that those character traits derived from natural internal tendencies, but they could also be established through nurture. In addition, Aristotle believed that those traits were stable once established. He referred to those virtues as arête. Virtues enable the engineers, and public in general, to find self-fulfillment and achieve happiness. According to Aristotle, one can achieve happiness when one’s potential is fully actualized. He referred to happiness as eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is a Greek word that translates to “human flourishing.” Aristotle also believed in telos, which means a purpose or goal. He believed that the telos as humans is to be an individual who possesses arête, and by practicing virtues one can reach eudaimonia. Virtues can be of thought and of character. Virtues of thought can be things such as wisdom and patience. These virtues can be gained though practice. Courage and h... ... middle of paper ... ...elieved I knew; yet I’ve had to spend countless hours researching them because there was so much more to it than what I thought I knew. Engineers play an important role in the quality of life of people. An engineer has a responsibility to protect the public’s good. In addition, they need to reach one’s full potential in order to archive eudaimonia. For this, certain virtues or characteristics are needed. These characteristics include honesty, accountability and a positive attitude. In addition, the willingness to learn and to seek help are also very important. These are qualities that I’ve developed through my undergraduate career in the Electronic Systems Engineering Technology department. I believe these virtues will prove to be significant in my career as an engineer. Virtues such as the ones described above speak of the engineers’ professionalism and character.
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