Virtue Ethics Case Study

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This essay illustrates my approach to the application of virtue ethics Introduction In this paper, I argue about the applicability of virtue ethics which is one of three major branches of normative ethics. The subject of virtue ethics is normally defined as one that puts emphasis on virtues which are also known as moral character. The branch is in contrast to the majority of the approaches which places a lot of emphasizes on responsibilities and rules. The practice is also known as deontology or the practice which emphasizes on the results of actions. It is also known as consequentialism (Swanton,11).The way virtue ethics is applied in modern philosophy should be clearly evaluated. Application of Virtue ethics reconstruction…show more content…
The traits take most of their derivatives from internal tendencies which normally come naturally. However, once there is a moral establishment the ideas definitely become stable. A good example is that of a virtuous person who most of the times are considered to be kind. For the consideration to be taken seriously, it must be viewed from across various situations spread over a lifetime. Normally, this is because it is his or her character that is of interest instead of other motives. The other motives, in this case, applies if she is after maximizing the utility gained or even getting favors and instead of simply performing her duty. When the theory is compared with the deontological or consequential theories, it is evident that the aim of virtue ethics is not to primarily make identification of universal principles that can only be applied in certain moral situations. On the other hand virtue ethics theories mostly deal with wider questions like, which is the best way to live?" or even "What is the meaning of good life?" and others like "What are some of the regularly considered proper family or social…show more content…
The three main areas are Eudaimonism which is a moral philosophy that is used to define the right action. According to Eudaimonism, an action which is right is one which leads to the well-being of an individual. It, therefore, holds the well-being as though it has an essential value. .Eudaimonism also bases virtues in the form of human flourishing. It is from here that flourishing is seen as performance involving one 's distinctive function which comes in the best possible way. In humans, Aristotle did put forwards an argument that one of the most distinct function is reasoning. After listening, the life which is lived in a good way is defined as one which the one living has lived to reason well. The other branch of virtues is the agent-based theory which deals with rightfulness of actions.It 's from this theory that most moralists base and benchmark their actions from. The agent-based theory also puts a lot of emphasis on virtues. The virtues are determined in most cases by both any sense in common and intuitions. It’s from this that observers make judgments about admirable traits found in various
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