Ethical Dilemma And Ethical Decisions Essay

Ethical Dilemma And Ethical Decisions Essay

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Everyone in this world has experienced an ethical dilemma in different situations and this may arise between one or more individuals. Ethical dilemma is a situation where people have to make complex decisions and are influenced based on personal interest, social environment or norms, and religious beliefs (“Strategic Leadership”, n.d.). The leaders and managers in the company should set guidelines to ensure employees are aware and have a better chance to solve and make ethical decisions. Employees are also responsible in understanding their ethical obligations in order to maintain a positive work environment. The purpose of this case study is to identify the dilemma and analyze different decisions to find ways on how a person should act ethically when left with an ethical dilemma. Making an ethical decision is tough because it involves thoughts as well as feelings. According to the scenario, Jacob and Krystal worked in an ad agency that started five years ago in Topeka, Kansas. The ad agency was barely making a profit and needed a large client, which led the agency to put in a bid for a city government contract. Due to Jacob’s son being sick, he was preoccupied with taking care of his son and left Krystal with most of the work. Krystal prepared the presentation and got with Jacob the day before the final meeting with the client. Krystal knew that Jacob has good speaking skills and they both decided that Jacob would do the presentation. Jacob’s presentation was a success and they successfully sealed the contract. The owners of the company were so impressed and gave Jacob a bonus check of $10,000. Jacob saw this opportunity where he could use the money for his son’s medical bills. However, he knew that Krystal did most ...

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...and other employees in determining the appropriate decision. In order for the company and its employees to be of high ethical standard and make appropriate decisions, companies should train employees, reward ethical behavior, lead by example, and consider work-life balance. Additionally, identifying the root cause, gathering the facts and information, evaluating and deciding the actions, determining goals and actions, implementing the plan and monitoring the process will help the employee and managers find the root cause and act ethically. A company that is setting a tone at the top level, establishing standard of conduct, ensuring adherence of standard of conduct, and addressing deviations in a timely manner can maintain ethical environment between the leaders and managers within the company. This sets a high standard and positive work environment at all levels.

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