Essay on Ethical Concerns Among Hospitals And Doctors

Essay on Ethical Concerns Among Hospitals And Doctors

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As noted by Lovrien & Peterson (2011), reinforcing the association that exists among hospitals and doctors remains a priority of concerns during this day and time among senior managers of these healthcare institutes. According to Lovrien & Patterson (2011), once this joint venture between doctors and hospitals has been effectively established, then the ability for improving the delivery structure, ensuring care is managed properly, and maintaining appropriate monetary profits can exist among those healthcare establishments. As a result of strengthening the alliance among doctors and hospital, then there is a notable improvement in capitals, better care is provided, as well as how things are run. In addition to this, Lovrien & Peterson (2011) notes that at the same time a solid support from the public is established. However, with this comes ethical concerns as they relate to managed care and doctors. Some of these ethical concerns includes how doctors and their patients relate to each other, the ability of doctors to perform their moral responsibilities, and the standard care given to patients.
Sultz & Youn (2013) discusses how in the 60’s the swiftly rising cost of Medicare together with standard of care issues was noticed by healthcare individuals and legislative bodies who have the ability of generating policies plus those companies who were key procurers of health reimbursements. As a result, President Nixon along with his administrators and Legislature passed the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Act in 1973. Even though a lot of establishments were using the ideologies of managed care before then by means of agreements with healthcare workers to server personnel by having them paying in advance, parts of the HMO Act pro...

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...rtant that the AMA code but update to reflect these changes for example, the constant growing of telemedicine. As a result, medical doctors have to stay up to date regarding the ethical predicaments resulting from this kind of modernization.
Armstrong & Sutton (2016) notes that AMA Code of Medical Ethics when it comes to penalizing activities of the state medical panels. Any doctor that is involved in overstating a patient’s condition in order for the patient to be granted permission to have diagnostic testing done by indemnification establishments ought to be reprimanded. As noted in the AMA Principles of Medical Ethics II, doctors should be truthful in every professional relations and not take part in scheme or trickery. The penalty for such behavior varies from imprisonment to paying back monies. Also, in some instance a doctor may lose their practicing privileges

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