The Establishment Of The Roman Empire Essay

The Establishment Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The establishment of the Roman Empire came to be because of the works of Caius Julius Caesar. Julius played an important role in creating Rome to be a city-state with his numerous alliances within the established empire. Alongside the alliances, Caesar was committed to building a strong military for Rome. Caesar’s short rule was abruptly ended by his assassination, which led to the reign of Augustus Caesar, who was a very strong political figure proceeding Julius Caesar. He used the foundation that Julius Caesar laid before him to strengthen the empire even further during his own rule. He was diplomatic, transparent, and refused any semblance of monarchical titles. In contrast, Julius was a strong military leader, but lacked the strength and bureaucracy needed to be a respected politician and ruler. His motives were not transparent and he made little effort include the Senate and people of Rome in the governance, law making, and development of the state. Julius Caesar not only rejected the Senatorial opinion, he ignored the Roman population for the most part. Arguably, Julius Caesar’s hunger for power proved he was not a fit ruler for the Roman republic and this was proved with his assassination after a short five years.
Julius Caesar’s ideology of ruling was off kilter compared to other rulers of empires at that time. Caesar was deceptive with the people of Rome. Cicero highlights this in On Obligations. Although Cicero’s interpretations can be deemed as a veiled critique of Julius Caesar’s rule, he offers a good comparison,
Who, then, does not see that a man is not bound by those promises which he makes either when coerced by fear, or seduced by deceit? … Many injuries of this kind happen even in state affairs: thus, when a ge...

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... Rome. He wanted to make them feel as if they had a voice. If they felt heard, dissent rarely occurred. Caesar blatantly ignored the opinions of those that mattered. Ultimately, they were the people that ended his life.
Rome had a line of kings that left the Republic with a bad taste in their mouths. Julius Caesar was on the fast track to evolving in a monarch with too much control over Rome. Their fear was deeply rooted in the fact that Caesar was completely enveloped in the military status of Rome. In his time, Caesar was viewed as a respected general and dictator that loved to exercise control. Overall, Julius Caesar was a smart man, but proved unfit to rule the Roman population for its time. As a ruler, he was so rejected by the Republic due to his divinity complex, his disregard of the opinions of the people, and his dishonest presentation to Rome.

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