Essentials for Making It on a Deserted Island Essay

Essentials for Making It on a Deserted Island Essay

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Imagine being stranded on a desolate island with no help in sight. The only supplies available are the clothes on ones back and the will to survive. Being stranded and surviving is not an impossible thing to do. There are rules to survival; knowing is just half the battle. When stranded always try to quire the three essentials: water, food, and shelter. These necessities aren’t so difficult to acquire when knowledgeable of where and how to get them.
Some of the basic knowledge of surviving is just knowing a couple of good, useful knots. The four most important knots are the one-Handed Bowline, the Taut-Line Hitch, Double Fisherman’s Knot, and finally the Power Cinch Knot. These all serve a specific purpose to make surviving that much easier (Black). The One Handed Bowline is used to secure a line to a fixed point. The Taut-Line Hitch is used for setting up a shelter; it is used for making lines tighter and can be adjusted. The Double Fisherman’s knot is used to join two pieces of rope together to make a longer rope or to make an adjustable loop of these two knots. Lastly, the Power Cinch knot, this knot serves the same reason as the Taut-Line hitch, but it is so much easier to untie and to tie. (Black)
After learning those knots and maybe a couple more, learn to make and understand traps and snares for getting food. There are several different traps and snares, most of them are for small mammals, for example, squirrels and rabbits. So, decide what must be caught and set up a proper snare for that particular animal. For fastest results on catching the animal, set up in busy areas of the area. To find the busiest area look for trails, track, scat (or droppings), chewed or rubbed vegetation, nesting or roosting sites, feeding and wa...

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...und of adventure.

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