Long Distance Travel Essay: Training For A Long-Distance Trip

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Training for a long-distance trip 2 Training for a long-distance trip The attractions of a long distance hike is exhilarating for the idea of spending several hours, days or even weeks on a trail, can help take the stresses of everyday life as we can rest in quietness and enjoy natural beauty. However, for the majority of us, it does require proper preparation rather than just strapping on a backpack, boots and just heading out. The main reason, it is a physically demanding exercise that it will require good stamina in order to finish one’s designated trail. From an experience standpoint, the best method to train for a long- distance hike is go for a long distance hike. Especially, preparing for an overnight stay at Eastern Sierra Trek.…show more content…
However, the most important part of the body for any long distance hike is the feet, so make sure you look after them and wear the right footwear. Depending on who you are, people additional support of a high ankle boot or a trainer-type walking boot with lower sides can lead to a more comfortable walk. Whichever the option you choose for the trip, ensure that you take a few days before the trip to wear your boots Training for a long-distance trip 4 in, and it is also worth taking a few pairs of spare socks in case you need a little bit of additional padding once you are on the trail and to keep damp socks away from our feet. Experience helps My first time of hiking a long distance was my first day on the Bump and Grind. I come from an area where during the summer temperatures reach the hundreds and fifteens. It is important to stay hydrated and go when hiking when it gets much cooler. However, I did

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