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It was almost the end of the fourth day during my five day canoe trip at Algonquin Park. The bright yet faint sunset lightly shimmered onto the water as it began its descent into the sea. The water sparkled like the stars at night during the dead of winter. The crystal water was calm and serene, only gently lapping to the rhythm of our canoes and paddles. Conversely, the air trembled with energy-- throngs of mosquitoes fluttered around our heads. The humid air after the storm was thick and reminded me of rainy days. The backdrop comprised of contrasting gray rocks on the shoreline, sandy coasts that elicited beach memories and lush green deciduous forests that had began to change outfits into its autumn colors. The beauty backdrop reflected onto the water creating an incredible mirror-like image. I was frozen with wonder, amazement and awe. Time slowed down to a near standstill and I forgot everything - I forgot all my little troubles and I forgot all my trivial matters.
As the night approached, I began to ruminate over my current problems again. My umbrella broke and an unfortunate jagged branch from a tree had torn apart my only rain poncho. I fell into the lake twice that left me with only one set of dry clothes. It was also forecasted to rain heavily tomorrow – a seemingly condemning concurrence. I was completely defenseless against the rain – no clothes, no umbrella and no poncho. What if I got wet? The clothes on my back were the last of the dry and wearable clothing that I had and I cannot bear to sludge around with dripping wet clothing.
Even worse, I began to worry about the troubles and dilemmas that tomorrow would inevitably bring. Would tomorrow give us a usable thunder-box at our next camp ground? Would tomorrow hol...

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...iven an antithetical effect of ending off in a weary and tired condition.
After that five day canoe trip, I came to the realization that people do not enjoy life to the fullest. The inconsequential and trivial everyday matters seem to stress even the best of us. Personally, I took the small things during my trip too seriously that ultimately had an adverse effect on my enjoyment and pleasure. I was so confused on the small details that I failed to appreciate the entire picture. I was so troubled that I failed to remember why I was on the canoe trip in the first place. Sometimes, it was much easier to forget all the little troubles that life throws at us and enjoy the moment. For me, it was the moment with the panoramic view that put me at ease. Furthermore, every moment in life should be approached with awe and wonder and it is one’s job to live life to its fullest.
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