stop spanking: save the children

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Spanking has been used for many years and it must come to an end. Also known as corporal punishment, spanking is most often used as a form of discipline. Although it is said to have some benefits, the negative consequences far outweigh the good. According to Dr. Wilson and Dr. Lyon, “physical punishment delivered in anger with the intent to cause pain is unacceptable and dangerous to the health and well being of the child.”( Guidance for Effective Discipline, online) It is important for spanking to stop because it is ineffective, causes more problems and because there are other options to consider. While many parents are still spanking their children when they are being naughty, they do not stop to consider how effective this method is. Is this method really working? A question Dr. Phil McGraw asks is: what does a child learn by being hit?(Three Questions to Ask Before Spanking, online) The answer to this question is different for every child, but in many instances you are telling your child that violence is acceptable and that it is an okay way to react when you’re mad .(Three Questions to Ask Before Spanking, online) Although commonly used throughout households with children, not much can be said for spanking’s long term success. To begin with, the only way to maintain the original effect of spanking, is to increase the force with which it is delivered. This can quickly escalate into abuse. (Guidance for Effective Discipline, online) Using spanking as a method can turn into a quick fix whenever the child misbehaves, rather than using other rational techniques for each scenario. Finally, positive reinforcement and other discipline techniques are more difficult to implement when spanking has been used as a primary method of discipline. (Guidance for Effective Discipline, online) As might be expected, the lack of effectiveness also leads to negative consequences and more problems. Continued use of spanking can lead to some harmful effects and long lasting negative lessons. It is common knowledge that children learn from what they are taught. What lessons would the like our child to learn from spanking? According to L.D. Eron, “spanking models aggressive behavior as a solution to conflict and has been associated with the increased aggression in preschool and school children.” (Guidance for Effective Discipline, online) The c... ... middle of paper ... ...ful. Spanking must stop, because no child should die at the hands of their parents. Works Cited Cohen P. “How can generative theories of effective punishment be tested?” Pediatrics 1996; 98:834-836 Graziano AM, “Subabusive Violence in Child Rearing in Middle-class American Families.” Pediatrics 1996; 98:845-848 Eron Ld “Research and public policy”. Pediatrics 1996; 98:821-823 McGraw, Phil M.D. “Age-Appropriate Discipline Techniques”[Online].Available (accessed July 4, 2005) McGraw, Phil M.D. “Spanking Research”[Online].Available (accessed July 4, 2005) McGraw, Phil M.D. “Three Questions to Ask Before Spanking”[Online].Available (accessed July 4, 2005) Strauss Murray PhD et al. “Spanking by Parents and Subsequent Antisocial Behavior of Children.” Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescents Medicine 1997 Wilson DR, Lyman RD “Time-out in the treatment of childhood behaviour problems: implementation and research issues” Child Family Behaviour Therapy 1982; 4: 5-20

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