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World War Two metamorphosed the lives of all its civilians in many ways but in particular American women, African Americans, and Japanese Americans had their lives empowered or their lives oppressed. To begin, women suddenly found themselves if demand in both the military and private sector labor force which granted them opportunities to show that they were competent of self management, and equally valuable in the work force. Secondly, African Americans were empowered by the notion that Americans were standing up for the basic human rights of others thus they stood up for their own resulting in victory and further empowerment. In a sad conclusion, Japanese Americans had their constitutional rights striped from them thus their normal lives for many years. We start this exploration with the lives of American women. World War Two granted opportunities to women, that had never been seen in American history, that let them demonstrate that they could self manage and had an entitlement of equal opportunities in the work force. To begin with, World War Two with many men in the military and an increase in the demand for work, left many jobs that would be occupied by men vacant. This meant that women were actually called from their gender stereo-typed jobs, of domestic labor, and actually encouraged to enter the work force; an essay from Private lives/Public Moments describes the circumstances well, “In wartime the stigma attached to employment for married women evaporated. Women not only were tolerated in the paid labor force, they were actively recruited to take 'men's jobs' as a patriotic duty, to keep the war economy booming while the men went off to fight.” (Cavallo, 141). Additionally, Even at the conclusion of the war as women wer... ... middle of paper ... ... and rights of both Women and African Americans presented by World War Two installed a new sense of what they were capable of achieving as American citizens, while unfortunately, Japanese Americans found themselves dilapidated of their rights and lives as American citizens. To start, women showed America that they were equally valuable workers and fully capable of self management which would drive them in the years to come. In similarity, African Americans were granted equal wages in the defense industry which gave them better lively hoods and a new drive to petition for more equality in the years to come. In a dishonoring contrast, Japanese Americans found their lives immensely degraded from its previous position and would so for years to come resulting from their jobs, educations, homes, normal family lives, and basic American rights being lives ripped from them.
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