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Shows should convey positive messages to improve society. With the extensive amount of time most young children spend watching television, networks should require these shows to present children with positive role models however Sanjay and Craig meet none of these criterias. Instead the show portrays violent actions, provocative gestures, and inappropriate language, elements such as these can negatively impact a child’s behavior. In a study performed by experts, results showed how after nine minutes of watching the fast paced cartoon, kids were not able to concentrate and learn as well. Even though Sanjay and Craig was primarily meant for “entertainment” children are at risk of having short or long term performance deficits, unlike those who watch educational programs. Children are easily influenced by their environment and actions they see on tv, taking into consideration what they view should not only be a parent’s priority but a programing network as well. Inappropriate language in media can highly impact the way a child behaves or the way a child’s behavior could change. Throughout time, media has been something that impacts what viewers do. One specific piece of media is tv. When one watches television, our mind is set to paying attention to every specific thing that they say. Children especially, when watching shows with inappropriate language tend to mock the things they say even though they don't even know what it means. Therefore, tv producers should regulate and at minimize the bad language that is used in media. The results of provocative gestures can negatively affect a child's behavior. Studies show programs depicting risky behavior such as provocative gestures or subliminal messages can affect teen’s or childre... ... middle of paper ... ...t. So why would you want to be known for contributing to a child's behavior in a negative way? Spongebob is already known to cause ADHD due to the high paced cartoon, I don’t think you would want Nickelodeon’s reputation to be based on negative impacts. Another thing that ties in with airing show like Sanjay and Craig is that it involved no educational influence whatsoever. Just because you’re trying to create a show that is not educational doesn’t mean it should have inappropriate language or bad role models. Overall, Sanjay and Craig is certainly not appropriate for a child to watch as it affects their behavior in a bad way and teaches them to do and say things which they should not be. Other than the info given above, we found the reviews of this show and they were not so good. From IDMb, the reviews were a 5.7 out of 10 and from they were 3.6 out of 10.

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