Argumentative Essay On Cartoons

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Someone is seriously going to get hurt or worse. Turn on a television set and pick a channel at random; the odds are better than fifty-fifty that the program will expose children to violent material. Naturally kids are attracted to things that captures their attention. What was a major contribution to a fun childhood? Cartoons! Cartoons are very fun to watch and learn from. However, there is something that all cartoons have in common and that is hilarious violence.
The legendary tv show Tom & Jerry. The fan favorite consists of a tom cat named Tom who consistently tries to capture and kill Jerry the mouse. While Jerry always escapes, Tom always gets hurt by booby traps and injured by lethal weapons. Tom has gotten caught in mouse traps, bear traps, and closing windows. Tom has also been hit by hammers and cut by axes.
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The show is a fantasy, set in the Stone Age town of Bedrock. Right off the back kids may be attracted by the prehistoric animals especially the dinosaurs. However, the a main ingredient that makes the show pop, is its’ violent comedy. A prime example would be one of the characters named Bamm Bamm who was a unusually strong toddler that yelled the phrase “Bam Bam” as he destructively swung his club damaging anything in his sight. When a child witnesses something like that, in their mind, they’re going to think its okay for a child to grab any tool and go on a swinging rampage.
Not to mention, Adult Swim cartoons are the worst for a child. Those cartoons are strictly cartoons for adults, because they contain more mature content. With this in mind children will find a way to watch them anyway. Shows like Family Guy has extreme violence, profanity, and sexual references. In reality children will start fighting more aggressively, using profound words and phrases and make sexual references towards one another. The consequences are kids can pick up bad habits from watching cartoons that contain violent
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