recovering from recession

Recovering from the Recession The Three Trends are: • Teacher Layoffs • Fewer Summer Classes • Fewer School Counselors Teacher Layoffs Teacher layoff is a trend that has been around for decades, however in recent years this trend has risen remarkably. It has since cause significant stress on several stakeholders such as administrators, teachers, students, and parents in particular. Hence, I believe that teacher’s layoff is important when the school finances are threatened. If such an action is not done then the most likely action will be to close the school because there will be no money to pay teachers. In addition, for the daily survival of the school. Even though schools are not a profit making entity, it is still important to note that at the end of the day they are not owing more than they are earning. The layoff will allow schools to operate in a less stressful environment and does not permit this deficiency to spill over on the students. It is heart-rending when such an action has to be taken but overtime it is the best thing for the institution. In some cases, some schools may rehire a few teachers which it rarely does happen and if it does a significant amount does not get rehire. Consequently, when a school is considering layoff of teachers I believe it is still important to ensure that the most effective teachers remain on staff. It is crucial for the continuation of student’s achievement because the high turnover of teachers can and will in the future affect student’s success. It is however, depressing to note that the students are the most affected when such a decision is made. “So many classrooms and so many teachers will likely be cut that an average of 60 pupils will be crammed into each high school class, the sc... ... middle of paper ... ...tio will be to one, and they would not get enough time to handle the individual issues. It is important to have counselors in the schools, they are the ones who assist in giving the students advice on how to deal with their emotions, conflicts and their personal problems. They also help to steer students to career path and help them to manage different circumstances that they may face in school. Through counseling they will be better able to develop problem solving skills which will assist them in managing problems of life. The students are encouraged to live peaceably with their peers and it bridges the gap between home and school. Counselors are generally able to make student develop confidence in them and in return able to confide in the counselors. There are sometimes question they would feel more comfortable asking a counselors than even his or her parents.
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