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Counselling refers to providing guidance or advice to an individual or a group with the aim of finding solutions to problems that cause emotional turmoil. Counseling is to ultimately improve individual’s courage and self-esteem. A perfect counselor is one who is aware of contemporary society relating to people's culture, race, and so on. The complexity of the world's culture has made the need to familiarization with people’s culture relevant in the administration of effective counseling. The essence of this is the fact that culture affects people’s ways of doing things, behavior, and interpersonal relationships. One group that has shown diverse cultural aspects is the Muslim community. Cases of Muslim incorporation in the society have been faced with diverse arguments due to their cultural values. The essay below will analyze issues related to cultural aspects in the counseling field. Additionally, challenges faced when incorporating Muslims in workplaces and society and solutions through social justice administration will be addressed. Lastly, after…show more content…
The first strategy is creating awareness to people about their rights. As such, the client will be able to understand cases of social injustices hence seek justice. As a counselor, one has the obligation of ensuring that justice is administered to their clients (Vera & Speight, 2003). This calls for clear understanding and accomplishing the role of counseling. For social justice to prevail, as a counselor, one should ensure that people are aware of their rights in the society. This goes hand in hand with assisting victims of injustices access justice. Holding seminars to educate citizens of their rights is one best way of creating awareness. In addition, one can educate clients on the bodies that best deal with specific justice issues. For example, one can inform their clients of the roles organizations such as human rights

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