racism in media

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Throughout the past few decades the film and entertainment business has seen a dramatic overhaul. Through the advancements of technology, the growth of multimedia outlets has grown exponentially. To put this in perspective, the number of viewers who've watched the first Super Bowl in 1967 was over 24 million viewers, but the most recent Super Bowl had over 111 million viewers. Media has grown and has become at least a minor part of everyone’s life. Although technology and the entertainment industry has accelerated since the 60's a few things have stayed stagnant, stereotypes and prejudice notions. These inimical notions has found its roots in modern media. Although media can serve to be beneficial in many ways the fact that it still manages to nurse stereotypes can jeopardize the advancement of equality. There are three main roots to this ignorance, Advertisements, T.V shows, and movies. Note that not all of these contain stereotypes, but the ones that do, manifest the entire integrity of modern media.
For most Americans escaping advertisements inevitable. Advertisements are like an itch that doesn't go away, a nuisance to everyone.. It's practicality a daily part of life. Advertisers try to find unique and catchy ways to catch the eye of everyday consumers. Most of these advertisements are the typical cliches people see on television everyday, some are humorous, others are heartwarming, but most of the time they're just annoying. Many on the other hand are just offensive. These advertisements use racial and gender stereotypes to get people to buy products. Although some of these offensive advertisements can be frank others take a more analytical approach to realize the message. These advertisers assume that every individual of ...

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...udge people without getting to know them and it is okay to use stereotypes. In fact is isn't just desensitizing them, it is prompting it as well. It tells individuals that racism can be funny, which is absurd.. Movies that promote ignorance and racism should be abolished from American culture. They are holding back from the advancement of equality.
If the media continues to promote racism and inequality America will will be set on a detrimental spiral towards discrimination and segregation. America has fought vigorously for equality and the media is making all that work in vein. Without the racism in media America would be in a much better position. There would be an advancement in equality and members of society would be content about acceptance. But with the current state of media, America is in a dilemma. Equality is oppressed by an intangible object, ignorance.
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