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There is a common misconception in the media today that the world is overpopulated. However, this is all a misunderstanding. The world is severely underpopulated. This may be easily misconstrued because of the seven billion people (and counting) in the world, the constant demand for resources, or maybe even deforestation and desecration of nature, but a misconception nonetheless. Granted, seven billion does seem like a lot of people to a commoner such as yourself, but, in actuality, there is a plethora of room for many more people! A statistic on persquaremile.com states that if the world’s population lived as densely as New York does, everyone in the world would fit in Texas. The issue isn’t overpopulation, it’s that we’re too spread out! We all need to nudge a little closer, get over our prissy bubble of personal space, and live side by side. Doing so allows for billions, trillions, maybe even quadrillions more people. The solution is so simple, and the naive baboons that think otherwise get me quite heated. You know what really grinds my gears? China. Namely, their One C...

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