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Over the centuries our civilization has tried to come up with an ultimate solution concerning

the ever growing population epidemic. Garrett Hardin stated in his essay “Lifeboat Ethics”, “Let

us now enrich the image, step by step, with substantive additions from the real world, a world

that must solve real and pressing problems of overpopulation and hunger” (Hardin, p. 170.)

Over the course of global modernization several countries have developed their own

population restraint, the countries different cultural beliefs and traditions are what influence

the different methods, and in recent developments we are learning that the main reason for

this epidemic is lack of knowledge and resources in many overpopulated under developed

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The exceeding

population growth is an epidemic of great proportions. The future world and the future

population could be and most likely will be negatively affected as an effect of the growing


Outdated traditional values, which in some countries include having large families, are one

of the biggest reasons many countries are overpopulated. “Despite its trove of natural

resources, the yearly incomes of Africans are some of the lowest in the world. Nearly half of its

people live on less than a dollar a day. Conflicts, harsh environments, and corrupt governments

have devastatedeconomically, forcing countries to borrow for goods and fuel.”(African Cultural

Center) This is a harsh reality for these small impoverished communities in Africa. Can you

imagine the fear and uncertainty these families must face on a daily basis. Not knowing if they

will have enough food to feed their children. The lack of daily resources and medications
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Modern methods of birth control and family planning don 't reach the illiterate sections

of society. Furthermore, due to lack of awareness there is resistance in adopting such methods.

The illiterate are unable to understand what impact overpopulation can have.”(Oak,Manali) If

we look even in the United States the lower class are having more children. They are having

more children and becoming dependent on government assistance. In most cases the families

having more children are doing so intentionally because the government assistance is so

enticing. Pure ignorance and apathy is running rampant with the poverty stricken in America.

If the human race does not come to any kind of solution on population growth, then

inevitably the earths resources will run dry and the human race will be no more. There are

many programs and organizations that are out there right now trying to help stop the hunger

and sickness of the less fortunate all over the world. The United States is one of the biggest

enablers in the world itself. These charity programs are all flawed, but good in concept. China is

heading somewhat in the right direction and I hope many others fall in suit to help solve
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