margaret sanger

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Nearly 70 years ago, one woman pioneered one of the most radical and transforming political movements of the century. Through the life that she led and the lessons she taught us, many know her as the “one girl revolution”. Though Margaret Sanger's revolution may be even more controversial now than during her 50-year career of national and international battles, her opinions can teach us many lessons. Due to her strong influence in history, our society has increased health awareness for women, made sexual protection a choice for all people, and also introduced family modification as a choice for mankind.
Having gone through the hardships that she did, Margaret Sanger developed her own theories and beliefs about health in women. Through the eyes of a child, Sanger watched her mother endure eighteen pregnancies, and acquire eleven children total, only to die at a fairly young age. Although the cause of the death was noted as Tuberculosis, Sanger was sure that the incessant pregnancies were what killed her mother. Also, while working as a nurse in the poorest neighborhoods of New York City, she saw women deprived of their health, sexuality and ability to care for children already born (Margaret 1). Sanger had reason to believe that action needed to be taken to improve health awareness for women Most likely, this was the reason she started to write articles such as “What Every Girl Should Know” and “The Woman Rebel” (Margaret 1). Her desire to support women was what started her l...
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