Professionalism in the Workplace of Nursing

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In a highly respected profession such as nursing, professionalism is an important element to staying employed and setting one’s self apart from the rest of the applicants when competing for a potential job. By definition professionalism are the qualities and traits that describe a professional. While knowledge is crucial in any profession, according to an article published by the University of Kansas (2012), “all medical professionals must strive to retain those humanistic qualities integrity, respect, and compassion that constitute the essence of professionalism.” Whether you work in a hospital or administration these three qualities encompass the core of nursing and exemplify what it means to be a professional.
Integrity is the “consistent regard for the highest standards of behavior and the refusal to violate personal and professional code.”(Professionalism initiative, 2012) Being held accountable for your actions and acting in the best interest for your patient is a vital professional nursing role. Possessing integrity is important; “studies show nurses top the list of the most trusted professionals…and ranked highest for honesty and ethics” (Pophal, 2013). Being considered among the most trusted professions is not a difficult task. It is accomplished by nurses who consistently follow this moral code and take responsibility for their achievements and mistakes.
It is not unheard of for a nurse to accidentally make a medication error by not following the five rights of medication administration; this could potentially harm a patient. If the nurse reports the mistake right away to their supervisor, regardless of the consequences and makes sure the patient is safe they are being honest and acting in the best interest of their pat...

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...assion. Integrity is a moral standard you set for yourself, respect is essential to developing a healthy workplace environment, and compassion encompasses the core of nursing. Without these traits you are doing a disservice to patients, colleagues, and yourself.

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