OSHA Regulations

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Many chosen profession have distinctive expectations which are important to both employers and employees. Companies are looking for ways to preserve the environment and go green in their work environment. Along with this they are required to adhere to safety factors using Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards that your particular career must follow. OSHA regulations consist of standards designed to guarantee the American workplace is free of safety and health hazards. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a division of the United States Department of Labor that enforces the Occupational Safety and Health regulations. Private employers and non-governmental businesses with at least one employee must comply with OSHA regulations. OSHA regulations often do not apply to individuals who are family farms not employing outside workers, self-employed and domestic workers This includes nannies or housekeepers, elderly caregivers, and public sector employees including local, state and federal employees. In addition all federal agencies are required to endorse standards equal to OSHA-mandated private sector principles. A revision to the original act now gives OSHA the authority to monitor the workplace for health and safety in the federal division. OSHA regulations give full disclosure to employees about workplace hazards. Businesses that produce or import chemicals of any sort must review the dangers associated with these chemicals and have them labeled accordingly. They must also prepare material safety data sheets to go with any delivered chemicals. This will describe technical information as well as hazardous effects from exposure and the appropriate protective measures. Any employees wh... ... middle of paper ... ... hand sanitizer dispensers. It was such a great idea to bring these in to hospitals. In fact, these should be required in every work place especially those where you have to deal with clients coming in and out on a daily bases. We have to shake so many hands and germs are passed so easily that a simple sneeze and shaking someone else’s hand could pass on a slight could. I think that knowing these regulations and having them in my work place could help me progress as a professional because it will allow me that comfortably of not being afraid to shake someone’s hand before and after we meet. I also would not feel like a germ freak or anything of that nature knowing that everyone is following the same procedures. It’s very important to make sure that these regulations are being followed in our own work places to prevent any hazardous situations from taking place.
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