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All that Jaws
Throughout the history of modern cinema, we as a people have seen various films that have caused fear, hope, laughter, love, and various other emotions. The movie Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg, was a very well-written film, but the insignificant parts made me lose focus on what was occurring. I thought this movie lacked in a few fields such as special effects, acting and background illuminations. However, the special effects were well-organized for being created in 1975. Overall, I did not enjoy Jaws because of the talent the actors displayed and the organization of the scenes.
The movie, Jaws, was based around three characters, a police chief, sailor and a scientist seeking a great white shark. During the beginning of the movie, two innocent people get killed and the police chief, Brody, suspects it is a shark that has attacked them. The mayor of Amity Island hears about the suspicions of Brody’s imagination but does not want to lose holiday tourism and forces Brody to not make any further investigations of the incidents. Brody, however, calls for a scientist, Hooper, who identifies the occurrences as shark attacks. Hooper, Brody and a sailor drift into the massive, rippling ocean in search for the great white who has viciously attacked and may yet again. During their voyage among the ocean, the shark becomes infuriated while several attempts of death are being plunged towards him and he dies soon afterwards. While the boat is sinking because of all the destruction amidst it, the only survivors, Brody and Hooper, swim back thankful to be
Rogers, 2 alive. Yet still horrified at what has happened right in front of their eyes, the ending scene show the two men conversing of the horrible events while paddling through a gigantean ocean back to shore.
In 1975, Steven Spielberg, made a huge impact on the audience by pursuing reality in a new aspect never before seen. One of the taglines for Jaws, “Do you like fish? Well, he likes you too…” terrified viewers and forced them to shake in their boots. This classic film has everything a movie needs to lure you in; fantastic plot, visuals and necessary music for the appropriate scenes. However, Spielberg used a great deal of energy focusing on the shark being killed, while instead he could have narrowed in on more confrontations with the shark interacting with the innocent people to gain audience’s interest.
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