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604 words

When 1937 arrived, Japanese soldiers raided China’s capital of Nanking and began to mass murder citizens. A sole leader of the Japanese Imperial Army was non-existent. There were many of people in power such as generals who allowed these behaviors to occur. Baron Koki Hirota, Foreign minister at the time, proceeded to do nothing while being well aware of the Japanese’s persecution of the Chinese. These unsympathetic murders of those who were thought to be Chinese soldiers as well as woman, children and elderly. This massacre lasted between the 1937 and 1938. Within this time 300,000 Chinese citizens were viciously killed. This genocide is called Rape of Nanking because of raping the woman before killing them. Most likely this group was selected because the second world war happened in Asia. This was significant because a country was able to kill half the population of another. I believe the reason of this Genocide was for Japan to take advantage of China while expand Japan. Most likely the Japanese wished to exterminate China’s entire population.
Many dehumanization acts ...

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the genocide is called rape of nanking because of raping the woman before killing them.
  • Opines that japanese dehumanization acts caused many victims to be bayoneted and some of the wounds were barbarously cruel. they used "killing competitions" to boost morale.
  • Opines that the japanese soldiers polarized the chinese soldiers because of intimidation and silencing.
  • Explains how the japanese imperial army attempted to exterminate the chinese people who lived in nanking.
  • Analyzes how the japanese government had a tight control over the news media during and immediately after the sino-japanese war.
  • Explains that stand is a movement led by students who are trying to bring the end to atrocities.
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