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Foreign aid is regarded as the possibility of poor, undeveloped countries to receive welfare and growth-related opportunities from the healthier ones. Nowadays, most of African countries receive aid every year, concerning the fact that the continent is still perceived as the poorest on Earth, economically. SOURCE.AYODELE) Although there are many resources available, there is a lack of opportunity taking in there, which slows down the overall progress of the region. The most influential reasons determining the previous conclusion are government corruption and the external economical interest from the participating countries. The following essay will argue that foreign countries should not assess more a financial outcome profiting them instead of considering African’s real needs. Therefore, the land is seen as a place of opportunity to make money and it will be demonstrated by the analysis and comparison of two opposite points of view. Furthermore, a case study will be used to support the thesis, leading to the presentation of a personal opinion based on ethical theories and evidence.

The case study chosen to support the thesis is “The Effectiveness Of Foreign Aid”, conducted by Uliane Appolinario in 2009 at the University Of Geneva, which mostly focuses on Zambia. However, it gives a really good image about what is happening in Africa as a whole since the paper compares the positives effects but also the constraints. Moreover, it concentrates on giving a good explanation about the investing government as well as the inside department of Aid in many African countries. The methodology was to put stats, graphs, positions and any source of evidence together in order to determine if aid does overall more good or bad to the continent. ...

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...lly help the poor people where it is necessary. On the other hand, African governments should take complete advantage of aid in a way that the goods and services serve to the development of the specific country. As a result, the less amount of aid is assigned to a state, the closer they are to succeed by their own means. However, it is important to recognize that depending on the places and they way it has been done, aid has chances to be effective. For example, Unicef truely “rebuilds countries, such as Sierra Leone, following civil war” SOURCES UNICEF has established many programs only based on the freewill of helping. Many of them actually are non-profitable constructed which really shows that there is still some empathy around us. As a result, foreign aid has a good possibility to become successful with time if well understood and rightly used.
In conclusion,
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