In broad terms, business model can be defined as usually plan implemented of how a firm will generate revenue, expenses operating strategies, corporate structure, product offering and target customers (Chaffey, 2011, p. 706). Business models are one of the essential parts for operational strategy in a firm. It provides the fundamental link on the product markets, labour and capital. If firms use a suitable business model it can currently help the firm expands. The best business model for entrepreneur use in order to make the factor quick growth depends on the types and situation of the business. Mercy Corps is an U.S. Non-Governmental Organization which plan to run a KeBal pilot program in Jakarta. KeBal pilot program sold the food to poor children in Jakarta. Case study state that Mercy Cory is identifying some other successful business example to find out the best suitable business model for KeBal pilot program rapidly expands in Jakarta. From the article about Mercy Corps and KeBal Healthy food Carts there has mentioned three main business models which are best appropriate for different types of business to fast develop as well as to gain huge profit. First of all, the best business model is the large franchises. The term franchises are the business give permission to organisation or an individual to sell their product or service in market within a certain territory or location (Aaker, 2011. p. 36). There were many famous international franchises like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and service like UPS store. As we can see, there were quite a lot franchises across the world which gives franchiser more competitive when enter the market. Even though, there were still a large amount of benefits brings to franchises that help factor rap... ... middle of paper ... center can put more focus on the food quality and spend more time to find the ingredients. The less objects need to do lead manager put more effort on the specific things. Thus it could be concluded that KeBal pilot program can gain the competition and expend in North Liverpool. To sum up, the best appropriate business model is the large franchises model and three-layer model. Franchise is suitable for the business which already builds their brand awareness and it is most efficiency fast food firms grow. The three-layer model fit to the business like Mercy Corp or some other small business to build the brand awareness as well as expanding business. As it gives more focus on high control and responsibility for firm to produce goods and service. Finally, three-layer model is recommended for KeBar project in North Liverpool to gain the huge completion in local area.
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