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Level of the students: Intermediate Lesson Type: Speaking skill integrating reading, and writing Aims: • To provide students with practice in editing and revising • To provide practice in scan reading skills • To provide practice in expressing opinion • To provide practice in intensive reading skills • To integrate reading into speaking and writing skills Time: Approximately 70 minutes Assumptions: Students should • Know how to effectively analyze and point out features of text ( paragraphs, tense, grammar) • Know how to write an essay ( Introduction, body, and conclusion) • Know how to give effective feedback • Know how to organize and write an argumentative paper Anticipation problems and solutions: • Student might have problems with write a conclusion for an argument paper. The teacher might want to go over the key components of a conclusion. • Student might have difficulty with creating an effective “resounding thought” for an argument paper. The teacher might want to explain what a “resounding thought” is and how to use it effectively. • Students might struggle with transitions and adding their own ideas to the paper. The teacher should encourage students by explain that adding in one’s personal experience refines the paper. Also, the teacher might want to explain that having transitions in a paper makes it more coherent. Aids: • Handout - Argumentative revision checklist • Handout – Essay key components Procedure: Step 1: Speaking Skill – Discussion. Reviewing the fundamentals of a closing argument of a paper by asking a series of questions. Ask about hook, transitions, resounding thought, etc. Expected Performance: *Have the students take out notebook paper and write conclusion as the title. Teacher: What are ... ... middle of paper ... ...iter uses transitions effectively. Conclusion The main points of the paper are restated The writer uses transitions effectively. The writer addressed the audience for a final time (resounding thought) Comments: *I will walk around the classroom and monitor their discussions. If any of the pairs seem as though they are struggling to identify the key components, I will ask probing question to ease the progress. Speaking - Have student’s conference with their partners about the pros and cons of the paper. Students should explain how they score the paper; afterwards, students should write encouraging statements about each other’s paper in the “comment” section. Procedure: Step 1: Have students revise their previous argument paper by check if they have all the main key components (Introduction, 3 bodies, conclusion, transition, hook, etc.) of an argument essay.
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