My Weaknesses

Good Essays
Even the best writers have their own flaws. Shakespire for example would make up his own words including ; bedazzled and fashionable. Those words come from his plays King of the Shrew and Troilus and Cressida. I like to think of myself as a skilled writer but I’d like to improve in writing proper conclusions and repetition of certain words.
My first weakness is how to write a proper conclusion. Conclusions are difficult for me to write because; I don’t know what information is important enough to restate. According to the Webster dictionary the definition of Conclusion is a final decision or judgement. An example of a bad conclusion I wrote came from an essay I had to write about Supreme Court cases. “Supreme Court cases take part in a lot if not most, of the reasons why our government is the way it is today. The decisions of all of the cases, including the Miranda v. Arizona case and the Tinker v. Des Moines case have gotten the
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I have a good ability of describing something so vividly. For example describing the feeling of love is extraordinary. Loving someone feels like invincibility; being capable of anything in the world. Love feels magical; like a kid at Disney world for the first time. Love feels adventurous; exploring an unknown territory. It feels gentle; like a new born baby. Love taste sweet like a candy, but at times sour like a lemon sour head. Loving someone smells like the cool freshness of an early morning ocean breeze. It sounds like the calm serenities of the midnight air Love is magical. Love is patient. Love is kind. Using Similes is a good way to get someone to understand an emotion. Also describing something to create a picture in somebody’s head is a strong point of mine too. If I were to describe a winter in Buffalo New York I would say that the snow looks like a giant white blanket when untouched, and in the sun light the crystals glistening off each individual snowflake is
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