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Bruce Lee was perhaps the greatest Martial-Artist ever. He was born in San Francisco, California on November 27th, 1940. A few months after his birth, Bruce and his family move back to Hong Kong. Bruce starred in a number of films as a child. His first starring role was actually when he was six years old! It was a role in a film titled "Little Orphan Sam".
At the age of 12, Bruce begins taking Martial-Arts instruction from the legendary Sifu Yap-Man, a master of the art of "Wing-Chun" gung-fu. During the next few years, when he was not practicing his art, he could be found in the movie studios with his father. At the age of 18, due to the numerous streetfights he was involved in, Bruce alone was forced to move back to his place of birth, San Francisco.
Bruce arrives with around $100 dollars, given to him by his parents. While attending the University of Washington, he majors in Philosophy. It is here he meets his future wife, Linda. He lives with an old friend of his father's, while working at the Ruby Chow Restaurant, in exchange for room and board. Unable to finance his education, he begins giving Martial-Arts lessons to various students at the University. Bruce attends a Martial-Arts tournament in Oklahoma, where he is "discovered". He is invited for a screen test for an untitled pilot, which is scrapped shortly before production. Fourtunately, he is chosen for for the role of "kato" in the television series, "T...

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