Bruce Jenner: The Story Of Being A Male Athlete

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Can you imagine being born a male, but ever since you were a child feeling as though you

are a female? Well, this is the story of a sports icon and his final moments of being a male athlete.

This is the story of Bruce Jenner now referred to as Caitlyn. At the age of 65, after being married

three times over the course of 42 years and fathering six children, and raising four step-children

Bruce made an unflinching decision to transition from a male to a transgendered female.

In the late 1970’s, in order to feel some sort of a connection to his gender identity Bruce

secretly wore panty hose and a brassiere underneath his suits. He mentions finding pleasure in

wearing his sister’s clothing as a child and did so privately every chance that …show more content…

Eventually, after 23 years of marriage and raising

six children together (two are biological and the other four are Kris’ children from her previous

marriage to Robert Kardashian) they divorced. Bruce also admits that this divorce gave him the

liberty and the opportunity to live more openly as a woman. Hence, on June 1, 2015, Bruce Jenner

Olympic Gold Medalist and sports icon made his public debut as a transgendered woman.

Personally, I have empathy for Bruce Jenner to an extent. He endured a tremendous amount

of pressure over the course of his lifetime. It would be difficult for anyone to keep such secrets

hidden for so long out of fear of being unloved and unaccepted. The thought of such loneliness is

an uncomfortable one to say the least. I would not want to have been in his shoes.

On the contrary, I feel that this is a man who is selfish, deceitful and extremely

manipulative. It was outright wrong for him to have married three times and to have fathered six

biological children knowing full well that he was struggling with his gender identity. Why pull

all of these individuals into his ball of confusion against their will? How come he did not …show more content…

Caitlyn’s offspring both biological and step-children appear to be overly-supportive of their

father’s decision to become a transgendered female. He has chosen to bring his personal life into

the spotlight so naturally his offspring want to show the public how much they love and support

their dad. It is understandable why they have expressed their acceptance of Caitlyn’s

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the story of bruce jenner and his final moments of being a male athlete.
  • Narrates how bruce was tormented and grief-stricken because he was hiding his true identity from the world and from his family and friends.
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